Podiatry for Teenagers 12-18

Teenagers are rapidly changing and growing toward adulthood, and possess an attitude of invincibility. In some cases this can mean they can be unwilling to seek help about a foot or lower leg inujry. As parents you often notice changes in your children, such as how they walk and may get that gut feeling that there is a problem. Lots of injuries are due to overuse, or abnormalities in the foot such as hypermobility and poor foot posture.

It is important to have your children cared for if you might suspect a problem. Podiatrists use Gait analysis, Biomechanical assessment to determine the best treatment for your teenagers lower leg problems. Foot orthotics are commonly used in children with flat feet and high arched feet, aiding and giving them comfort during school and on the sports field. Another very common problem in teenagers in Ingrowing toe nails.

We can advise on nail cutting and treat ingrown toenails in our clinic rooms at your intial visit. We also perform nail surgery to permanently remove chronic ingrown toenails if it is needed.






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