Frequently Asked Questions

Steps Smart Podiatry Treatments

Do I need a referral from my GP to make an appointment?

No. If you do have a referral from your GP you will need to bring it with you for us to process your medicare claim.

Do you bulk bill podiatry if I have a care plan from my GP?

No, we don't bulk bill, but if you have a care plan the medicare rebate for podiatry is $55.10.

I have have a DVA gold card, Is this accepted?

Yes, DVA patients are most welcome.

Do I need to bring anything to my appointment?

If it is your first appointment please bring your health fund card. If you have a referral from your GP, please bring your referral forms/EPC form and your medicare card. DVA patients will need to bring a DVA gold card and DVA referral from GP. If you have foot pain, please bring any footwear that you use when doing your activity, or that you wear frequently. Otherwise just bring a smile!

Can I claim my podiatry treatment through my health fund?

Yes. We accept all HICAPS registered health funds. If you have podiatry cover a portion of the appointment fee will be covered. If you are unsure of your cover, or would like to know how much they will cover, please call your health fund.

Is Podiatry care painful?

The majority of problems a podiatrist can help with are not painful. But, If you have a very sore ingrown toe nail - Podiatrists can administer local anaesthetic to allow care to proceed if it is needed.

What should I wear to my appointment?

For general care appointments no special clothing is required. If you have foot or leg pain, podiatrists may need to assess these locations, so suitable shorts or pants which can be rolled above the knee are great. The shoes you frequently use are also important to bring with you.

How much does a Podiatry appointment cost?

Initial consultations are $95 and subsequent appointments are $85. Other appointments can vary in cost, eg Nail surgery, orthotics, but if you are unsure please ask when you call for an appointment.

What Covid safe measures are in place at Step Smart Podiatry?

We do take covid safety seriously. We try our very best to keep our clinic clean. We clean our high use surfaces between all patients. Our waiting room is large and presently when you come to our clinic it is just you and the podiatrist onsite. You will rarely be sitting in the waiting room with another patient, making our clinic a very safe space. We ask that everyone adheres to NSW health rules by wearing a mask to your appointments, and also checking in when you arrive. If you forget your mask we will provide one. We have hand sanitiser available for use when you arrive and leave the clinic. All our podiatrists are vaccinated.

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