Podiatry for Kids 2-12

The Lower limb develops from birth to the teenage years. During this developmental phase we as parents watch with excitement as our children rise up and begin to explore. We sometimes notice things such as tripping, or an odd looking limb position. In most cases this is normal due to the way the leg bones develop. Children also possess a great deal of flexibility, and you may notice your childs foot is flat. If you have a family history of flat feet this can be inherited by your child.

Foot orthotics are used to support flat feet in this age group and prevent further injury to surrounding lower limb structures. Orthotics come in many varieties and are best prescribed by a podiatrist after assessment. Podiatrists can assess and treat some other common gait problems such as intoeing.

In older children  8-13 years who are very active, heel pain such Calcaneal apophysitis (severs disease) or Osgood schlatters (knee pain below patella) can occur as your child has a period of growth. If you feel your child needs a check up, our friendly podiatrists can guide and reassure you of the best way forward for your childs feet.






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